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Latest talk for The Marketing Society in Dublin.

All the intention, and none of the attention.

I’ve been writing here https://medium.com/@sandoz a little recently.

One of the aspects I liked was it has an indication of the time it will take to read the article.
I find it acts as a challenge for me to write as lean as possible.
Like an information design Hemingway.

I’ve been consciously trying to write short.

Yesterday I thought…
What could I write that would take an hour to read? 
That’s a challenge.
For both of us. 

Trend and counter trend.
Like Talking and Making, then Talking again.

Like many, I’m now ill at ease with the volume, pace and complete lack of respect that all these wonderfully inspiring digital tools have brought with them. 

I have all the intention, and none of the attention.

I bought Brand’s Spectator. Never read it.
I used to be able to concentrate on a design for days, now I’m trying to pull ideas out of nowhere in seconds and thinking that’s OK.
My beautiful boy is already nearly two and can say ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’.

Counterpoint Work Club’s next brand site going live has a pair of two thousand word opinion pieces as its core content.
Our next ‘viral’ in production will be loooooong.
I made a Podcast with Flo Heiss at the end of last year that’s 30 minutes long. The core point Flo raised was he know’s too much. He wants to know less.

Whether it’s the excellent tear down of the lightness of TED I finally bothered to read last week, or Mel Ex’s fantastic provocation I again finally bothered to read today or Seth Godin’s post this morning on TL;DR - which oddly I read straight away, I like him, obviously because he writes smart, but historically because he also writes short - I’ve been assimilating this change from short to long by skimming similar thoughts for a while.

The irony is, and I don’t actually know if this is my thought or something I read this morning, or a bit of both, i’d normally edit this bit out, anyway, the irony is that it is the same emotion driving both sides of the argument. It, appropriately, has it’s own acronym - FOMO.

Shortform is great because I can skim as much as possible to make sure I cram enough in to stay afloat. I don’t miss things.
I do actually believe that is the basis of good creativity. Lots of diverse references, lightly held that one can smash together to make interesting and appropriate connections.
But also, I know just enough to look like I know.

Longform is great because I give myself the time to really use the information. To make sure I don’t miss what’s important.
Also to assuage my inner impostor (if you are interested Impostor allegedly has the edge of Imposter) insecurities that shortform gives.

Shit. Catch 22.

Deep breath.

To make a long story short.
This year, maybe I’ll go long.
Write long.

It will hopefully help me to write better.
Which is probably shorter.

Shit. Catch 22.

I should probably spend more time making this better. But It’s hard to write like this in this environment. The modern work place certainly favours the shorter.
And this is Tumblr.

Long wasn’t built in a day.

Fuck it. Ship it.

A review of D&AD 2013 product design entries. Focus pullers nightmare.

Advertising in 2013.

The Internet creates better ways for people to interact. The job of Advertising is to create a feedback loop with a customer on behalf of a Business.

The Internet also creates better ways to understand this interaction. The job of an Agency is to maximise the efficacy of this loop.

Understanding this interaction is the key to Business sucess. The job of a Business is to use the loop to drive its future shape.

The only real question for an Agency and its Client is… 

What do we need to do in order to be fit to capitalise on the opportunity this loop provides?

#7 - 2012: The Year The Future Got Old. - 12/12


For #CSPresents / Creative Social, on Atemporality, Time loops and lack of future.

Read it anytime you like, doesn’t matter.

Digital Ghosts.

' been thinking about Digital Ghosts for a while.

How can we mass create lasting virtual-360-visual-moving-memories of loved ones that ‘live’ in a specific space. E.g. A looped moving image of your mum making a cuppa in your kitchen. 

Kinda like Geo Enabled Reminders but in Virtual People form. Or R2 projecting the Princess. Of course you can take a piece of film. But film gets filed away. TuPac never seems to actually die. Ok here’s the real link, but it is from the Daily Mail. Bob Monkhouse came back to save us.

Now you will soon be able to print a 3D toy version of yourself in a special printing booth. Which is all you really need to start making digital ghosts too.

Just more evidence of atemporality. Non of this will matter in 28 years time anyway.


A talk I gave for D&AD around the future of the digital interface. 

I presented out of a text editor. No pictures. It was, well tough. Probably wont try that again.

You can listen here. Or read it as presented below.

- -

**WARNING** There are no visuals in this talk. Except this package it was written in #Foolish.
& These are my notes. I felt my computer, my partner in this, needed a role to play on stage too.

» We’re going to have to create some mental images because I don’t know what this looks like.

- -


I’m making it up as I go along.


What is the future? Where is it?

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An excerpt from a talk on the evolution of social for the www.WeAreSquared.com education platform.
Full pdf of talk here

The Social Web. A History.

Squared talk on the history of the Social Web. Video excerpt here.

I attempt to tell someone how to become a Creative Director